Did you ever notice the term "Happy Hour" has been obsolete in The Bay State, but rumor has it this special reinstatement that has been idle since 1984 could bring a "much needed boost" to Massachusetts for it's patrons and the hospitality industry as bars continue their slow recovery, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This seems to be a hot button topic in the capital city of Boston as State Senators have agreed on a measure that could add a local-option happy hour program which would be included in a economic development bill that features a price of over 4 and a half billion dollars as restaurants and bars will be permitted to sell discounted alcoholic beverages.


However, The House remains hesitant to forge ahead with this proposed measure. Speaker Ron Marino reiterated he is open to discussion, but nothing is etched in stone. A spokesperson declined to comment on the matter as this must be reenacted prior to July 31st. Municipalities also have a say in this topic at hand as they could conduct a local vote and let the residents within their communities will be able to have their say in this controversial subject at hand.

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Governor Charlie Baker is not 100% on board with this proposal as he is "hard pressed" to bringing back future Happy Hours given the influx of deadly drunk driving mishaps that occurred prior to 1984 that resulted in the loss of life. One word best describes his final thoughts on this matter: "Skeptical".

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There is light at the end of this tunnel as members of The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission are in the process of creating a nine person advisory group which consists of a panel that studies the benefits of public safety, alcohol distribution and licensing, safe driving and restaurant operations.

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Senator Julian Cyr, a Truro Democrat is confident that a recent report filed two years ago shows Massachusetts has the LOWEST DUI Severity Score nationwide as people who imbibe a little too much could also take advantage of rides available from Uber or Lyft that would get intoxicated patrons back home safe and sound without causing any catastrophe if they were behind the wheel of their own vehicle.

Cyr added: "We want to learn from lessons in the past and see if we can enable happy hour as a tool that many other jurisdictions and most other states allow in some way"

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BOTTOM LINE: We will keep you posted on the latest developments.

(Some information on this article was obtained form a recent story that aired on NBC 10 in Boston)

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