This is the first time that I will be a guest on the WSBS 'Religious Roundtable' program. I'm used to being the engineer for the talk show but this Sunday I'll fill both the engineer and guest roll. Vivian Orloski who is this week's moderator wanted to focus on a Thanksgiving theme and thankfulness. She came to me with the idea and I without hesitation was on board. I then contacted John Pitroff (my childhood friend and kidney donor) and he was up for the guest slot as well.

It's been over a year since my kidney transplant and I can't thank John enough for the gift and second chance at life he has given me. On the program, Vivian, John and I will cover a variety of topics leading up to and going through the surgery together including giving the gift of life, determination, the power of positivity, John's reasoning for donating, our friendship, support system, the power of prayer, the kidney transplant workup process, the paired exchange program, the average wait time for a deceased donor kidney and more.

Don't miss 'Religious Roundtable' with host Vivain Orloski and guests John Pitroff and myself (Jesse Stewart) this Sunday morning (Dec. 2) at approximately 8:30 AM on WSBS.