Looking for something, anything to do after months of quarantine? Well WSBS, along with the Olde Yankee Street Rods & Classic Cruisers invite you to join us for an Old Vehicles Wave Cruising Parade! That’s right, we’re going to cruise the streets of Great Barrington and Housatonic and if you have a classic car, you’re invited to join in the wave parade – no registration and no fees – just come out as folks are looking for something to do during these times!

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If you don’t have a classic car, then join us along the route and wave as these great vehicles drive by! Great Barrington Police and the Fire Department will take part too! It all happens Wednesday, June 10 in Great Barrington!

We’ll start at Monument Mountain High School Parking lot and will travel Route 7 south through Great Barrington! Join us along the route, or at Monument Mountain High School after the wave parade to view these vehicles! It’s the Old Vehicles Wave Cruising Parade with Olde Yankee Street rods and your hometown station – WSBS – Wednesday, June 10. Line up at 5:30 p.m. with parade starting at 6 p.m. Call 528-9304 with questions!

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