Bon appétit, baby!

Katy Perry appeared on wacky Japanese morning variety show Sukkiri Thursday (March 29), where the singer, in the tradition of wacky Japanese morning variety shows, stuffed her face with a box of chicken nuggets. (Shield your puppy dog eyes, Nugget!)

After being presented with a table overflowing with boxes of popular convenience store Lawson's “Karaage-kun” chicken nuggets, the Witness pop star proceeded to pop the morsels into her mouth one by one... and one... and one, until her cheeks were stuffed like a hamster hoarding seeds.

And then she proceeded to spit them out back into their container, slowly and demurely, while one of the hosts covered her face for her.

Watch below:

After her, uh, snack, Perry performed her song "Act My Age," which is one of two songs available off the deluxe Target edition of Witness and which Idolator reports became popular in Japan after being used in a commercial for a fabric softener brand back in 2017.

Watch the performance, below:

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