In the wake of this week's tragic event in Parkland, Florida, one local school district reached out with a message of support and reassurance.

Southern Berkshire Regional School District Superintendent Beth Regalbuto emailed a letter to colleagues and members of the school community, with the hope that this "American heartbreak will drive dedicated resources that improve mental health services and produce swift, effective legislation to make our schools safer."

In addressing the question of how safe SBRSD schools are, the email noted that the District's administration is "again reviewing all safety protocols and procedures and assessing our training needs in collaboration with the Sheffield Police Dept., including Chief Munson and School Resource Officer Tricia Zucco, to keep everyone safe and plan how to respond in the event of an incident/emergency."  Questions or concerns about any particular building should be addressed with that school's principal.

As to the question of how to support students when they hear of such incidents occurring, Regalbuto recommended families refer to guidance from the American Psychological Association.  She encouraged those in the school community to reach out to the district's administrative team members for any needed help and support.

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