Let's be honest - Vacations are expensive. You have to fork out money for transportation, lodging, food, and, inevitably, that overpriced bottle of sunscreen you always forget to pack. If you ask me, sometimes taking a vacation from work seems like a job all in itself, but what if you were able to relieve some of the financial stress with a few simple clicks?

I'm a sucker for a good deal, so when I stumbled across this beachfront Airbnb on the Cape for just $10 a night, I was intrigued and highly interested. According to host Erminia, the property in Yarmouth sits just twenty steps from the beach and can host up to six guests. The best part is: You'll have the entire place to yourself, with plenty of room in the front yard and on the back patio to enjoy the outdoors.

Take a look inside and see if this beachfront Airbnb could be the site of your next family voyage out to the Cape.

Kick Back at This Beachfront Cape Cod Airbnb For Just $10/Night

Traveling on a budget? This Airbnb in Yarmouth is just twenty steps from the beach and might just be the spot of your next family vacay.

With a deal this good, you must be asking, "What's the catch?"

Select dates have a minimum-night stay between three and seven nights, but at $10 a night, that's still one heck of a deal!

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