As many folks in the Southern Berkshires and beyond know, this past October I received a kidney to due my progressing polycystic kidney disease and decreasing kidney function. I was lucky enough to receive a kidney not only from a living donor but from a childhood friend that I had not seen in years. Thanks to my friend John Pitroff of Clarksburg, MA, I now am able to live a normal life. In addition, a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, not to mention dialysis is no longer a reality.

John will be appearing on the WSBS 'Let's Talk" program with me this Wednesday (January 24th) at 9:05 in the morning. John and I will be discussing transplant surgery work up (from both of our ends), our individual experiences (emotionally and physically), day of transplant, the recovery process and more. This is not only an emotional topic but also a way to educate the public and give folks an inside look at the positives of donating and receiving a kidney.

In addition, we'll also be taking your calls (comments and questions) at 413-528-0860. Feel free to join in the discussion. John and I are ready to talk. Once again, thanks to all who have supported John, me and this process. We truly appreciate all of your support.

That's 'Let's Talk' with special guest John Pitroff, Wednesday, January 24th at 9:05. You can listen on 860 AM, 94.1 FM, on the new free wsbs app and online at!