I don't have too many regrets in my life except for maybe one, not taking the firefighters civil service exam when I was younger. My love for radio and music has sort of always outshined my interest in firefighting and/or fire science, but it certainly was a close second.

After some convincing from then Lanesborough, now Pittsfield firefighter Devon Whalen, in April of 2017, I joined the Lanesborough Volunteer Fire Department. It was a great decision. I was able to learn the craft of firefighting, EMS, and support a community all in one.

Unfortunately, due to my wife's health issues at the time, I had to leave about a year and a half into it, but I look forward to returning one day! If you have ANY interest in this particular field and/or have the time, I highly recommend joining a volunteer fire department.

Did You Know That 65% Of The Country's Fire Departments Are Volunteer? And, Yes, They're Always Looking For Help/New Members!

Coming up this Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022, YOU can check out the open house...


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