Lee holds its annual meeting this Thursday night. Like many others in Berkshire County the town is trying to get a handle on the marijuana sales issue by taking it to the people.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that town officials and half of the town meeting representatives in Lee have been divided over whether the Route 20 business corridor from the north end of Main Street to the Massachusetts Turnpike should allow retail sales of recreational marijuana. Locating marijuana shops within town is part of an overall zoning bylaw that requires a two-thirds majority approval of the town representatives. Some amendments could be made to ensure passage as the town’s moratorium to approve such zoning expires September 30th. Failing to meet the deadline would mean recreational marijuana-related businesses could go anywhere in Lee if they meet current zoning regulations.

Of course, the town's budget for the upcoming year also will be up for a vote. The proposed 2019 fiscal budget is $19.7 million, which is an increase of 3.6 percent. The meeting takes place tomorrow night at 7 at the Lee Middle and High School.

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