Sometimes, you just can’t drive by. That was the thinking of Lenox resident Patty Brown who was on her way home Wednesday afternoon at around 3 O'clock when she happened to see something in the middle of the road on Williams Street in Pittsfield that bothered her enough to want to pull over and do something about it. 

Brown, who is the owner and operator of her own business, BodyMind Massage, on Franklin Street in Lenox, noticed a huge pile of industrial looking plastic twine initially along the median on Williams Street near the Holmes Road intersectionShe then noticed however that it was in more than one location.  

It was along the lane traveling west and then wrapped a few times around the signs on the median, also one end was on the southbound lane of Holmes Road and the other end was probably 100 feet down the west bound lane of Williams street. ~ Brown 


When asked if there was any indication of what the twine could have been used for, she said that it looked like something a contractor might use to rope off an area. 

Twine found on Williams Street in Pittsfield
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Brown, suspecting that the twine could cause injury to any animals that came across it, set out on her task to pick it up. She said that she was not looking for any recognition in doing so 

The thought of how many animals could die from this plastic twine made me do it. I knocked on a door and asked for a trash bag and the kind gentleman (who answered) said he thought it was there for a reason. 


It wasn’t. Someone had apparently dropped it and left it, so she felt compelled to clean it up. She said it was "her way to raise awareness that we can all do a little bit to make a difference.” 

According to Brown, in picking up the twine she simply waited for the opportunity to cross back and forth. One car did however stop to let her cross. She placed the twine in the plastic bag she obtained from the house on Williams Street and later disposed of it at home in a dumpster. 

Twine placed in the plastic bag obtained from a Williams Street house

Brown has a history of being concerned for animals. She has been a vegan for about five years, something that she says she does for the animals and for the planet. 

Now, Brown did say that she didn’t do it for recognition or attention of any kind, but as an animal lover myself, the least I could do was write this article and help her spread awareness.  

I have to say it... Thank you, Patty!  

Lenox resident, and business owner, Patty Brown

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