On Friday morning we spoke with the Creator and Executive Producer of 'Unsolved Mysteries' Terry Dunn Meurer. The new 2020 series of 'Unsolved Mysteries' is coming to Netflix's steaming service with the first six epidoses available for viewing beginning Wednesday, July 1. Episode five is the Berkshire County UFO occurence of 1969.

Terry filled us in with production details of the new series, a synopsis of each of the six new episodes and a look back at the original series. Terry also mentioned how Unsolved Mysteries has helped solve numerous cases.

In a press release from Netflix, Terry said the following regarding the program solving cases:

We’ve seen how unanswered questions can haunt families and detectives for decades.  People reach out to us because they appreciate the life-changing power of our show, and  trust that we will present each case’s facts in an honest, balanced way. Thus far, UNSOLVED  MYSTERIES has helped solve over 260 cases. Just this spring, our thorough research and  record-keeping aided in solving a 30-year old case. It's gratifying to know we’ve had an  impact on people’s lives.

I think we're in for a big treat come July 1. If you don't have Netflix's streaming service, you may want to subscribe now so you can view the new episodes.

You can listen to the audio from Friday's WSBS 'Let's Talk' interview with Terry as the segements are provided below.

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