On our monthly Let's Talk discussion with Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington we discussed the recent two-day law enforcement training on domestic violence and sexual assault that the DA's office held. Nearly 50 police officers from 15 different law enforcement agencies attended the training sessions at the Weston Team Center on the campus of Williams College. Officers from South County towns including Lee, Lenox, Stockbridge and Monterey were all in attendance. The training sessions was another step in Andrea's plan to significantly scale up the county's response to gender-based violence.

According to Andrea, domestic violence and strangulation have been a common thread for those who attack police officers. A study of police officers deaths from 1993-2013 revealed that 80 percent of the suspects had a history of domestic violence and 30 percent had a history of strangulation.

You can learn more information about the training sessions by listening to the entire WSBS Let's Talk interview below.


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