Junior League Results at the Housy Dome From This Past Weekend:

Game one had Amerigas defeating Carlson's Wood Floors 38-33 in an action-packed, back and forth game. Amerigas was led by Finn Mason's 18 points. Steven Woodard pitched in with 4 points of his own for Amerigas. Carlson's was led by a dominating performance by Dominic Calutti - Calutti scored a game high 23 points. Mabel Cooney added 6 points for Carlson's in the loss.

In the second game, Aberdales's held off Tom's Toys in another close game by a final score of 29-27. Jacoby Vincellete and Phineas Wheeler each scored 9 points in the win for Abedale's. 9 players scored for Tom's Toys with Dylan Netzer and Bodhi Cohen leading the way with each 5 points each.

Housatonic Basketball Senior Division Competition from Jan. 02

Aberdales defeated Wheeler and Taylor with a final score of 69 to 66

For Aberdale’s, Devon Hannivan scored 14 points, Luke Arienti added 14, and Sebastian Gute-Ramirez contributed 12. For Wheeler and Taylor; Khalil Carlson scored 39 points, Cayden Krupi added 9, and Ben Gross contributed 8.

Elsewhere, Pick Enroll defeated Cove Lanes with a final score of 47 to 43.

For Pick Enroll; Manny Brown scored 9 points, Griffin McElroy added 8 and Colby Carlson contributed 7 For Cove Lanes;  Adam Kronenberg scored 10 points, Ler Sprague added 8, Isaiah Keefner added 6 and Evi Higgins contributed 6.

Housatonic Basketball Senior Division Competition from Jan. 06

Pick Enroll defeated Wheeler with a final score of  64 to 62.

For Pick Enroll; Colby Carlson scored 17 points, Manny Brown added 14 and Griffin McElroy contributed 9. For Wheeler and Taylor;  Khalil Carlson scored 25 points, Blake Smith added 11 and Erving Henderson contributed 7.

Elsewhere, Cove Lanes defeated Aberdales with a final score of 55 to 53.

For Cove Lanes; Isaiah Keefner  scored 25 points, Adam Kronenberg added 10 and Mak Bailey contributed 10. For Aberdale’s; Kyle Wellencamp scored 19 points, Devon Hannivan added 18 and Elliot Stern contributed 8.

Results of Golden Knights House League Competition from Jan. 06

The team of William’s Paving/Olde Village Monogramming defeated the team of Sweet Tree Service/Eagle Shoe & Boot.

High Scorer’s: William’s Paving/Olde Village Monogramming; Madeline Hardy scored 8 points. For Sweet Tree Service/Eagle Shoe & Boot; Ember Raifstanger & Alecia Curletti scored 2 points each.

The team of Hull Oil/Wheeler & Taylor defeated the team of Baldwin’s Hardware/Monterey T-Shirts with a final score of 18 to 13.

High Scorer’s: Hull Oil/Wheeler & Taylor: Iris Firth scored  6 points. For Baldwin’s Hardware/Monterey T-Shirts: Jade Abderhalden scored 11 points.