Some of you whippersnappers in Berkshire County may be too young to remember him but trust me when I tell you, many sports fans are grieving today. The sports world lost yet another true LEGEND and a longstanding New England sports personality.

Gino Cappelletti, who was a member of the original Patriots, died yesterday, May 12th,  at his home in Wellesley, Massachusetts. No cause of death has been given at this time. Cappelletti was 89-years-old.

The New England Patriots made the announcement yesterday on social media. And I would be unable to find a better choice of words than the ones used by the Patriots organization to describe Cappelletti as an "all-around ambassador of the game" of football.

Gino Cappelletti, believe it or not, scored the very first points in American Football League history!! Those points were from a 35-yard field goal in the first quarter of the (Boston)Patriots’ first game on Sept. 9, 1960. They ended up losing to the Broncos, 13-10.

Need more proof of Cappelletti's star quality? He was one of only three players to play in every game in the 10-year history of the American Football League. The other two were no slouches, either. George Blanda and Jim Otto.

Cappelletti was also voted the AFL Most Valuable Player in 1964. All in all, whether as a player, coach, or broadcaster(along with the late great Gil Santos), Cappelletti served as part of the Patriots organization for five decades.

Also, he was the second Patriots player to be inducted into the team's hall of fame in 1992. Most importantly, along with all of his on-field accomplishments, Cappelletti was just as important off the field. And I'm not just referring to his broadcasting career.

The love that Gino had(and proudly showed) for football showed in the words he used, the people he spoke about, and the stories he told. No doubt about it, we lost one of the good ones. We'll miss you, "Duke".

For more on Gino Cappelletti, check out the New England Patriots statement on Twitter here.

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