Remember the Don Henley song 'The Boys of Summer?' Well, Berkshire County and surrounding areas should be dubbed 'The Bears of Summer.' There is so much bear activity occurring in Berkshire County lately, the sightings are turning into an everyday routine. I know I sound like a broken record but lucky for us, folks are sharing their bear videos and photos online for all of us to view and enjoy.

One thing that used to drive me crazy was when I would put my trash out on the curb at night and then wake up the next morning to find a mess all over my lawn, driveway and sidewalk. It took about 20-30 minutes to get the garbage all cleaned up as the mess stretched to the backyard as well. I suppose it's my fault as I should have learned the first time around. That was not the way I hoped to start my day(s).

The reason why I mention the garbage incidents is even though it was a major thorn in my side to deal with the messes, I would have loved to capture the offenders on video. I figured I deserve a visual and some entertainment to accompany my cleanup duties.

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For anyone who ever wanted to catch a bear in the trash act, we have a video of just that thanks to a member of The Berkshires Facebook group. Not only did he share a video of a couple of bubbies knocking down trash cans, he shared a couple of photos as well.

Checkout the video and photos below. The bears come in to the video about 15-20 seconds after it starts, so you'll have to be a little patient but it's a good payoff.

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