One thing I try to avoid is complaining. However, once in a while it doesn't hurt to get something off my chest if it's truly a valid complaint. I've been working at our Great Barrington office for close to 16 years and each year I've been struggling with the same issue in the spring, summer, and fall.

You see, every year when spring comes rolling in and hands off to summer, there's a bunch of bushes/vegetation that creeps over and grows beyond the guardrail on Stockbridge Road a few feet up from the radio station. When I leave the station each day during this overgrown time period, I struggle to see if I have a clear shot to take a left on Stockbridge Road. The vegetation extends out so far, especially during summer months, that at times, I'm literally left guessing if I'm good to go. It's very frustrating but more importantly, it's dangerous.

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I wondered to myself if I was being out of line complaining about nature blocking my view. Think about it. The majority of people traveling in Great Barrington aren't going to notice this issue unless they pull into our parking lot and need to turn left. However, I received confirmation in feeling frustrated as both Dave and Ron here at WSBS struggle with the same issue. We all look left and right, pull out to take a left, and pray that we're not going to get into an accident.

As you can see from the photo, even though the summer months are in the rearview mirror, it's still a struggle to see oncoming traffic. I guess I'll come in some morning with my brush cutter and take care of the issue

Has this ever been an issue for you when leaving our station or am I just being out of line?

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