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It seems folks have a love/hate relationship with love songs. Some years it's en vogue to listen to and be a fan of love songs. Other times people don't want anything to do with them or they treat them as guilty pleasures. I recently read a study that was published by Shane Co. and they conducted research in four areas including the following:

  • The 20 Most Popular Modern Love Songs
  • The 20 Most Popular Classic Love Songs
  • The Top-Searched Modern-Day Love Song in Every U.S. State
  • The Top-Searched Classic/Oldies Love Song in Every U.S. State

Shane Co. used Spotify and Google tends to conduct their research. You can read more about the methodology behind the study by going here.

Looking at the state studies, in Massachusetts, #1 the top-searched modern-day love song is:

I found this one a little surprising at first but then I remembered that Meghan Trainor is a Massachusetts native. She was born in Nantucket. So, it's not that surprising after all. Add to that, it's a great all-around song with excellent additional vocals by John Legend. A definite recipe for success.

The #1 top-searched classic/oldies love song in Massachusetts is:

Does this one come as a surprise to you? It is a little surprising to me as my first guess would have been this one:

Even though Whitney's cover of the Dolly Parton masterpiece wasn't number one for Massachusetts, it was the #1 top-searched classic/oldies love song for the State of Kentucky.

The study found that the #1 modern-day love song ranked by Spotify Streams is a huge Ed Sheeran hit:

On the classic side, the study found that the #1 classic/oldies love song is another Whitney smash. 

You can view the top-ranked love songs in each state along with other results from Shane Co.'s study by going here.

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