From Sept 28. through Oct. 23 we gave you multiple chances to 'Win Cash'... up to $10,000 as we released 10 code words each weekday between the hours of 8am and 5pm. We brought you this contest as more people are out of work and need some dough to make ends meet but to also spruce up your home (most of us are spending more time working from home lately and may need to add an office etc.), get yourself out of debt and bust those bills, or get a jump start on holiday shopping without the stress of starting off 2021 in holiday debt. You were limited to your own imagination on how you could use this money.

The more code words you entered hrough our website or station app, the more shots you had at winning $10k. Our list of $1,000 winners inlcude the following:

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(1) Lynn Sagelstrom

(2) Denise Minerd

(3) Hilary Strother

(4) Christie Whiting

(5) Jaymie Eisenschenk

(6) Courtney Jackson

(7) Diane Yarwood

(8) Julie Haggerty

(9) Leo Delossantos

(10) Ismael Mendoza

(11) Marian Degolier

(12) Jane Kirwan

(13) Freedom Malik-Roberts

(14) Sunny WHite

(15) Carmaine Hodak

(16) Christina Fredergill

(17) Elizabeth Salwoke

(18) Michelle VanDaley

(19) Myrna Pals

(20) Paul Ashmore

(21) Joe Robilotto

(22) David Rodriguez

(23) Andrea Gomez

(24) Olga Rodriguez

(25) Michele Frei

(26) Carl Fargiano

(27) Mark Peffers

(28) Ana Waitkun

(29) Jason Rodgers

(30) Brad Foulk

(31) Michael Charette

(32) Jodi Williams

(33) Alex Lucio

(34) Mike West

(35) James Bruning

(36) Leeland Crum

(37) Betsy Sharo

(38) Conor Lewis

(39) Tom Alm

(40) Jen Ahonen

...and the Fall 2020 'Win Cash' grand prize winner receiving $10k is...

Brett Campbell

Congratulations to Brett from all of us here at the station and by the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank…”Experience Better Together Lending with the people you know and trust.”

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