The Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce is working on a slew of new projects and one of them features touring opportunities. The Chamber has secured the domain name Tour the Berkshires and they are creating tours throughout the Berkshires. There will be all types of different tours offered through this new project.

Betsy Andrus, Executive Director of the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce noted that each tour has four seasons just like we do here in the county. Betsy mentioned to us that each tour can be toured in different ways. For example, if you're a local resident and you would like to attend a tour, you are welcome to do that.

Betsy had the following to say:

If you are from New York and you have no transportation, then we (the chamber) would have a tour that would cover all that. If you're from Boston and you want to arrive on a bus, we have a tour that would cover that. All the tours will be offered in all different ways.

Betsy mentioned that the first tour the Chamber is working on is a tasting and touring tour which takes folks through local eateries and attractions. The tour would also include a tasting menu at different restaurants and there will be different hotel options available for this particular tour.

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These tours are not only a wonderful opportunity for visitors to the Berkshires but it's also a boost to the local economy. Plus, if you're a local resident and want to learn more about the area, these tours will be available to you. In addition, the tours will be free of charge to members of the Chamber.

The tours are still in the works but we'll update you with the particulars when everything is ready to go for launch dates. Betsy estimates at this point that it will be approximately 4-6 months before the tours will be active. If you want more information you can call the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce at (413) 528-4282 or email Betsy Andrus at

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