During these trying times, everyone needs some much needed relief as Bay State residents from The Berkshires to Boston will be eligible to receive tax rebate checks as plans are under way to ease the financial stress that has been plaguing consumers for the past few months. We are STILL seeing high prices at the grocery store and even though gas prices have been declining, people are STILL feeling the pinch as they are struggling to keep up with their monthly budgets.

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is forging ahead with this proposal as tax revenues have seen a 20% increase. State lawmakers are also in negotiation as another $1 billion dollar package is in the offering prior to the final days of their formal session in Boston. Steps are being taken to assure residents will get these checks by September as this move will alleviate the pressures caused by inflation since the Russian-Ukranian conflict began back in February.

In a recent interview with Western Mass News, American International College Economics Professor, John Rogers stated there is some optimism towards this move that would benefit statewide residents:

"It really kicked in mathematically because of the amount of money that the state has collected in relation to the wages and salaries, so I don't think they know exactly how much people would get individually or how it would be distributed".

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Keep in mind, this proposal is separate regarding the distribution of $250 stimulus checks as this measure received final approval from The State Senate.

BOTTOM LINE: It's FREE money coming in your pocket. Spend it wisely as we can ALL breather a sigh of relief that further assistance is in the works.

(Some information in this article was obtained courtesy of Western Mass News)

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