Winter has not quite made it's exit as of yet as the spring season is almost here and that signals the mating season for many animals, but there is one to keep your eye on: "the skunk". Reports indicate that sightings are higher and keep in mind that distinct odor of this pesky animal is truly something you and your pets want to avoid getting sprayed with. Here is a recent report on this foul subject which aired on 22 News (WWLP-TV)

Residents and their 4 legged friends need to avoid an encounter with a skunk as they can spray up to 15 feet in distance and the stench emitted will linger until further notice. Western Mass Wildlife Removal suggests if you are a victim of a skunk attack, you MUST take immediate action. The best thing to do is and that stench is something that will stick around on you.

22 News spoke to an expert at Western Mass Wildlife Removal to find out how to avoid that stench getting to you or your pet. Wash yourself and your clothes immediately and don't bother to waste any time on traditional at home remedies.

Andrew Christopher reiterated they are very defensive animals as the tactics they use can be detrimental to their impending victims and other animals. Here is his take on this matter as the main words keep your distance is apropos: "That can be spray which is the main concern with them. They have some pretty serious teeth and claws on them, but they don’t want anything to do with us generally, so if you encounter one just give it space.”

BOTTOM LINE: Some sage advice on keeping yourself safe as skunks are on the prowl and the end result could result in an unwanted aromatic surrounding. Clothespins are mandatory until the situation is rectified.

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