There's now doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned learning and education upside down. Parents more than ever are superheroes as they juggle work, chores, raising families and now teaching their children at home via remote learning. With winter on the horizon, one of the questions that comes up is what happens with snow days? Obviously, if there is a school that has full days of in-person learning, that's an easier answer but with the current situation it's not so black and white. Remote and hybrid learning can muddy up a previously clear answer to the question.

According to Mass Live, Massachusetts' top K-12 education official has issued guidance on the future of snow days. Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley had the following to say regarding the snow day situation across the Commonwealth:

On days with inclement weather or another emergency, districts can have a traditional snow day to be made up later in the school year or have all students learn remotely consistent with state regulations

For districts that are already remote or hybrid, remote learning on a snow day would not be much of an adjustment. However, for districts that are in-person, it may be harder to make the switch online during a storm Mass Live reports.

You also have to consider that even if a district is in favor of remote learning during snow days, power can be knocked out which would make remote learning that day or at least during the outage period a moot point.

How do you think local school districts should proceed in dealing with snow days this year?

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