On his latest edition of 'Let's Talk: Monday's with Smitty; on WSBS, Representative Pignatelli spoke with Massachusetts U.S. Representative Richard Neal regarding the protests and domestic terrorist attacks on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Representative Neal experienced the protests and violence that occurred that day as his office is near the house chamber. Neal said that the "Ways and Means" room which is known as 208 is literally 10 feet from the House Floor and probably 15 feet from Statuary Hall.

In this interview, Neal described the day of Jan. 6 from his perspective. Everything from going about what he assumed would be a normal day, catching up on some "Ways and Means" work, answering calls, talking with staff about the new year and more. Then what was considered normal quickly changed to warnings from staffers about the crowds getting larger followed shortly thereafter the announcement from staffers that "they're in," meaning that the protesters are in the building.

Neal along with the staff did all they could to barricade the door as they were trapped in 208 for over 45 minutes. Finally, they were able to move out of 208 and were escorted down a set of little cavernous staircases.

Neal describes the mayhem that ensued on that day including physical destruction of the building to hearing violent threats from protesters, tear gas and a plethora of vivid images.

You can listen to the interview with Smitty and Richard Neal below. (The audio has been divided into two segments)

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