Massachusetts drivers are certainly feeling the pain at the pump. You hear people talking about it on a regular basis. You even see comments and discussions on social media. The topic of Massachusetts gas prices is certainly a hot one in these present times.

One of my co-workers recently mentioned to me that he is going to start walking to work as it will save him money on gas and it will help him get into shape. I wish I could join him but he is only about five minutes away from work whereas I am 35 minutes away. I don't think I'll be walking to work anytime soon. I would love to though.

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Massachusetts Motorists May Not be Driving New Gas-Powered Automobiles for Too Much Longer

One thing that is set to change by the year 2035 is that Massachusetts plans on phasing out gas-powered automobiles. At least new ones anyway. I know 2035 sounds like a long time from now but in the grand scheme of things, it's less than 15 years away. As you may have guessed, the reason for the ban on gas-powered automobiles is environmental. According to the California Examiner, Massachusetts is bound by California's automobile emission standards. The Golden State has strict vehicle emission standards which Massachusetts follows. As you can imagine, passing this law could be a struggle as there will be and already is objections from some on this decision.

Will this policy really go into effect in Massachusetts by 2035? We'll have to wait and see. You can get more details on the policy by going here.

In case you missed it, there will be three more items that will be illegal to dispose of in Massachusetts later on this year. You can get all of the details by going here.

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