Our Berkshire County Police departments, fire departments, ambulance services and first responders do whatever it takes to keep our community safe. They work tireless hours, especially during uncertain times...enter COVID-19.

Back in early 2020 a couple of months before my daughter Hannah was born, my wife and I were putting together all of the typical preparations in place that most parents do prior to their child's birth. We were getting educated. We attended a series of parenting classes at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield. We were learning infant CPR, breathing techniques during labor, and basically getting a handle on the necessary skills we needed as new parents.

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In addition to the classes, we, of course, were picking out outfits for our bundle of joy, childproofing many of our rooms, and turning our spare bedroom, which was being used as an office at the time, into a nursery for our daughter's arrival. In addition, our relatives wanted to host a baby shower. We opted for a Jack-and-Jill get-together so as you can imagine we were loading up our wishlist ahead of time for essential items we hoped to receive prior to Hannah's birth.

Did You Know That You Can Have an Expert Inspect/Assist in Car Seat Installation Free of Charge? 

One item we did receive which was much needed was a car seat. We soon-to-be-parents looked through the instructions and watched some videos to make sure we had the installation correct. Even though we were confident that we had Hannah's car seat installed properly, we still wanted confirmation from an expert. One handout that we received during our classes at Berkshire Medical Center pertained to having a trained expert on car seat installation come to our home and show us how to properly install the car seat and/or doublecheck our work. In our case, we were able to make an appointment with an officer from the Pittsfield Police Department. He arrived at our property, checked everything out, and gave us the peace of mind we needed to make sure the car seat was properly installed. Not only was he happy to provide this service to us but the inspection was absolutely free.


There are a Few Locations in Berkshire County That Provide the Free Car Seat Installation/Inspection Service

If you live in Berkshire County and want an expert on car seat installation to come to your home and inspect/help you with installation there are six sites you can contact in Berkshire County according to mass.gov. The six locations are listed below:

Adams Police Department
4 School Street, Adams, MA 01220
Adams residents call (413) 743-1212 to
schedule an appointment

(Pittsfield) Action Ambulance Service
121 West Housatonic Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Call (413) 445-5355 to schedule an

Pittsfield Police Department
39 Allen Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Pittsfield residents call
(413) 448-9700 x366 to
schedule an appointment

North Adams Ambulance Service
10 Harris Street, North Adams, MA 01247
Call (413) 664-6680 to schedule an appointment

North Adams Police Department
11 Summer Street
North Adams, MA 01247
Call (413) 664-4944 to
schedule an appointment

Sheffield Police Department
10 South Street
Sheffield, MA 01257
Call (413) 229-8522 to
schedule an appointment

Take it from me, this is a valuable service and best of all it's free. Why not take advantage of it and give yourself peace of mind when driving your little one around? By the way, there are sites all throughout Massachusetts that provide the car seat installation service and you can view those locations by going here.

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