One thing that I don't have any personal experience with is divorce. My parents never divorced (my father passed away in August of 1996) and I myself haven't been divorced. However, many of my Massachusetts friends along with one of my close family members have had to experience their parents getting divorced. For some it caused a negative impact on their relationships with their parents, others seemed to do okay with it while others were grown up and long out of their folks' homes by the time their parents went through with getting divorced. Some of my friends have undergone divorce as well.

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As someone who was on the outside looking in, I can only imagine that going through a divorce procedure isn't fun. For some though, it's probably a stress relief and a sense of freedom...a weight lifted off the shoulders if you will. One thing about divorce that I wondered about is when couples aren't officially divorced but are separated and are planning on getting divorced or are going through the procedure of divorce, is if dating other people causes an impact on the divorce outcome.

Is it Legal in Massachusetts to Date Other People While Separated and How Does This Impact the Divorce Outcome?

First of all, it is legal in Massachusetts to date other people while separated however, doing this could impact the divorce outcome. Here's what Attorney Heather Ward had to say about this:

Depending on the circumstances of your case, dating before your divorce is finalized could certainly impact your divorce settlement. In fact, the judge may factor this into each decision they make pertaining to property division, alimony/spousal support, and child custody.

This is something to keep in mind if choosing to date before your divorce is officially finalized. You can get more details on the implications of dating while separated in Massachusetts by going here.

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