Massachusetts drivers are one of a kind or at least some of us anyway. We have been dubbed MassH&*es for our behavior including our crazy driving antics. Some of us tend to be bold, fearless and have little concern about what the consequences of our actions may be. Oftentimes you'll see on highways other motorists being cut off, passed on the right, and the good old flip of the bird. Even lack of directional use is common in the Bay State. It's no wonder we have that not-so-flattering nickname.

I remember vividly a little over 20 years ago, one of my close friends was really into driving fast cars, particularly Mustangs. He loved his Mustangs. I'm not much of a car guy but he loved speeding around and making noise in his vehicles. There was one incident when he was driving me around in one of his mustangs. He was putting my heart to the test as he was driving 90 in my childhood neighborhood. I was so scared. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Nobody got hurt but the first thing I asked him was "what if a kid ran out in the street?" His answer was "you don't think about things like that." That was the extreme side of the type of driving some Massachusetts motorists are known for. I won't put myself in that situation again.

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Speaking of crazy Massachusetts driving, there was a video that was recently shared on Facebook by WBZ/CBS Boston of a driver speeding on Route 2 near the Templeton exit with the top down during one of the recent late February snowstorms. Do think this was a bet or was the driver just being a daredevil?

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