When it comes to their Easter candy, Massachusettsans like to keep it classic. At least that's what a new study from Zippia revealed.

The career-searching website often conducts its own studies, and using Google trends, Zippia recently dug up some findings on each state's favorite Easter candy. Now some of these findings may shock you. Believe it or not, boiled eggs are the favorite Easter treat in 14 states across the country. We know this doesn't even make since because boiled eggs aren't candy, but we'll go with it. Findings from other states showed that others preferred Easter classics like jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and Cadbury creme eggs.

Massachusetts, however, leaned in a more controversial direction, joining seven other states that like the second most popular Easter treat, Peeps, over all others.

No matter whether you love them or hate them, you've definitely seen these sugar-coated chicks lined up on store shelves every Easter. Since family-owned company Just Born introduced Peeps to the world in 1953, fans have been able to enjoy the treats fresh out of the wrapping or, as some prefer, slightly stale and crunchy. But not everyone is so gung-ho about Peeps. There are actually multiple groups on Facebook dedicated to hating on Massachusetts' favorite Easter candy.

Despite their love for the ever-growing Peeps brand, Bay Staters don't quite hold the title for the candy's biggest fans. According to Zippia's study, Idahoans love their controversial, sugar-coated chicks more than anyone else.

Check out the full study from Zippia on its website.

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