It goes without saying that the spring and summer seasons in Massachusetts are welcomed by many, especially after March 14 Nor'easter that we experienced in the Bay State. The spring and summer months are warmer and the days are longer. Plus there is so much to do outside. Whether you want to go hiking, swimming or do some running, jogging, and/or biking on trails like the Asuwillticook Rail Trail, for example, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature in Massachusetts.

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One outdoor activity that I especially enjoyed doing as a kid was fishing with my dad, uncle, and cousin. Not that I caught too much but the outdoor fun and family comradery at places like Bog Pond and South Pond both in Savoy, North Pond in Florida, MA, and other ponds and lakes throughout the Berkshires was something that I cherished very much. It was a fun time with family and a simpler time as usually is the case when you're a kid.

If you are excited to do some fishing this spring and summer, you'll obviously need to obtain a fishing license. You can get your Massachusetts fishing license right here.

How Much Does a Massachusetts Fishing License Cost?

The cost of a fishing license varies depending on the type you are purchasing. For example, a Resident Fishing license is $29.50. A Resident Minor Fishing license (age 15-17) is free which is also the case for adults ages 70 and over. A Resident Fishing license for adults ages 65-69 is $14.75. Fees for other types of fishing licenses can be found by going here.

How Long is a Fishing License Good for in Massachusetts?

All licenses are valid from the time of purchase through the end of the year.

Get out there and reel in a big one.

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