From The Berkshires to Boston: Let me clue you in on an uplifting and courageous battle against all odds regarding one of our four legged friends. It's not often that a story of this caliber tugs at the heart strings, but this article proves to bring a soft spot to everyone as we introduce you to Kiki, a lamb that is based at a farm located 35 miles south of Boston in Duxbury, Massachusetts. The story began on a heartbreaking note as the baby lamb was abandoned by her mother and exhibited a slew of health problems including an inability to stand on her own as her legs were contracted.

Kiki's first stages of life were a struggle as she was also malnourished and her health problems resulted in stunts towards her development and growth. The compelling images are enough to show your overwhelming support towards her cause.


When “Don’t Forget Us PET Us Sanctuary” board member Meghan King heard about this tragic story, she took Kiki in and a wheelchair was immediately provided by Walkin' Wheels, a New Hampshire-based company. This proved to be therapeutic as she spent the first three and a half months of her life incapacitated as the wheelchair has become a valuable tool in her recovery which assists in day to day therapy sessions. The end result is Kiki is making progress and the prognosis looks good as there is a good chance the lamb will be able to stand on her own two feet and walk on her own without any further assistance.


Kiki even made headlines on local TV news in the greater Boston area. Check out her 15 minutes of fame by accessing this link, courtesy of CBS-4 Boston (WBZ).

You can also monitor Kiki's daily progress by logging on to the Don't Forget Us, Pet Us non-profit sanctuary's Facebook page.

(Photos of Kiki featured in this article, courtesy of The Don't Forget Us, Pet Us non-profit sanctuary's Facebook page. News clip courtesy of WBZ-TV in Boston)

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