Anyone who owns a dog knows the joy, love, and therapy that a four-legged friend can bring to their master. Folks of course realize this and put in their best efforts to make sure their dog is well-fed, loved, happy, and healthy. Some folks will tell you that dogs or any pet for that matter is just as precious and deserves just as much love as children. Who could argue that one?

Even with all of the love and care that pet owners put into their dog's well being there are still some states in the U.S. that slack or are lazy when it comes to their dog's health particularly dog-walking responsibilities. The team at OneVet which is an online pet service surveyed over 2,100 dog owners across the country to find out how many times they walk their dogs in an average week.

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The good news is Massachusetts came in the top 10 (#8 to be exact) as we Bay Staters average 8.78 walks per week which is 22.40% above the national average according to the study. That's a pretty good ranking but wouldn't you love to see Massachusetts higher up the list? Not only does the activity of dog walking keep canines happy and in shape, but dog owners also reap healthy, weight loss benefits while improving cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It's a big win for both humans and pooches.

We know that Massachusetts clocked in at #8 but how did the rest of the U.S. do? We included a graphic from the study below.

You can get complete details on the study by going here.

It's a perfect time for a walk. Your pup will thank you.

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