As many Bay Staters probably know, Massachusetts is one of the healthiest states in the country. As a matter of fact, our health-conscious way of life ranked Massachusetts the #1 healthiest state on the National Community Well-Being index in 2020 according to a report that was published in an article last year by Boston University. I wouldn't be surprised if Berkshire County contributed to that ranking.

Berkshire County Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

When you consider all that is available to residents in the Berkshires including our cooperative markets, our healthcare system, our love for Yoga, holistic therapies, organic eating, our friendly community centers, and our exercise routines throughout our county's beautiful body of nature (just to name a few examples), it would be safe to say that Berkshire County promotes a health-conscious way of life.

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Health Conscious Folks in Massachusetts and the Berkshires Should Refrain from Eating This Item on a Temporary Basis

We have seen a few recalls lately including one by the Skippy peanut butter company as well as the Flow: Alkaline Spring Water company and a pancake/waffle mix sold at Walmart. If you are a Massachusetts resident that is a lover of salad, there is one product that you want to steer clear of in the short term. In a recent article from Eat This, Not That along with various other internet sources, over 230 Walmart stores across a number of states, including Massachusetts, have pulled the store's brand of romaine lettuce from their shelves. The reason for the recall is because it was discovered that the lettuce may contain Cylospora which is a parasite known to cause diarrheal disease. According to the article, no illnesses have been reported yet. The code on the bag is 22RHDM2L with a harvest date of March. 10.


If you have this particular product, make sure you refrain from eating it and instead contact Walmart about getting a refund.

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