Who doesn’t love ‘Seinfeld’? It’s a show that has shaped our culture in so many ways. People are always quoting lines from the show which is still in syndication today and is showing no “Sein” of stopping its run any time soon. Well, the show “about nothing” is turning 30 years old on July 5th and believe it or not, Massachusetts residents will be particularly enthusiastic about the anniversary.

According to Google Trends data, residents in Massachusetts have shown more interest in the show over the past fifteen years than just about every other state. Maybe its because the Seinfeld gang ended up in a jail cell in a small Massachusetts town after being the very first offenders of a new “Good Samaritan” law that required them to help a carjacking victim instead of just standing by and watching the crime happen… which of course they did. No one would have expected anything more. Less maybe... but definitely not more.


A new report from the folks at HowToWatch.com has Massachusetts ranked second on their list of the top five states that love Seinfeld the most. According to the report, this followed an interesting regional trend that showed the states with the most modern-day interest in Seinfeld were all situated on the East coast while the states that weren't quite as interested in the show were situated in the South.

Who loves Jerry and the gang the most? Well, of course, it's New York. Mississippi, on the other hand, apparently has no love for our despicable group of friends.



You can check out the full report along with a comprehensive guide to Seinfeld HERE.

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