Massachusetts is loaded with celebrities which is an understatement. From Boston, Amherst, Worcester, Springfield, Pittsfield, North Adams, Framingham, Lenox, Westfield, Great Barrington, and the list goes on and on, Massachusetts is a hotbed for celebrities. Whether they were born here or moved to the Baystate, Massachusetts can certainly hold its own when it comes to having quite the selection of famous folks that we can be proud of. Celebrities from James Taylor, Elizabeth Banks, John Cena, Meghan Trainer, and many many more are all either Massachusetts-born residents or current residents of the Baystate. (Check out 120 Massachusetts-Born Celebrities here).

People Could Argue for Hours Over Who the Most Famous Celebrity is in Massachusetts

While many states including Massachusetts are filled with famous folks, people could argue all day over who is actually the most famous celebrity in their state. That seems like a battle that one can never win. You could be going around in circles over that argument. If you look at the examples that I just rattled off, one could make an argument that any one of those folks is the most famous celebrity in Massachusetts.

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To try (you noticed how I said try) to put this argument to rest (at least temporarily) the website Family Minded recently published an article spotlighting the most famous celebrity from each state.

Who is Currently the Most Famous Celebrity in Massachusetts?

According to the Family Minded article, the most famous celebrity in Massachusetts (who has an incredible net worth which you can check out by going here who also has a famous brother from the boy band group New Kids on the Block, is the boy-band rapper and model turned actor and producer:

Mark Wahlberg

That's a pretty hard one to argue. Mark Wahlberg has quite an illustrious career (along with his brother Donnie) in entertainment and is still extremely hot on the celebrity scene. Just check out his IMDB page. Plus, you saw his net worth from the previous article we shared. Wahlberg was born in Boston. Until a new study is conducted, Mark Wahlberg is the most famous celebrity in Massachusetts for 2023. What do you think? Do you agree or do you have another pick? You can check out the most famous celebrity born in each state by going here.

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