Massachusetts residents are hitting the stores and online shops to chip away at their holiday shopping. Of course, it can be difficult to buy for certain folks and it seems like you have to force their gift wishes out of them. That can feel like a chore all on its own.

Buying for Kids Usually Seems to be a Bit Easier 

When I was a kid video game systems were all the rage. I remember over the course of a few Christmas holidays I received the original Nintendo Entertainment System along with the Sega Genesis system. Those along with the Super Nintendo and this system seemed like the hot ticket items, particularly for youths in Massachusetts. At least that was the case for the kids I knew that lived in the Berkshires.

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The Most Popular Gift in Massachusetts for 2021 May Seem a Bit Surprising But Then Again it May Not

One particular item that has been out for a while but clearly still holds a lot of value for Massachusetts residents is the Apple iPad. As a matter of fact, in an article published by IHeart last year, according to a study, the iPad was the most sought-after holiday gift in Massachusetts for 2021. Not only was it the most-wanted gift in Massachusetts that year, but it was also the top gift pick in seven other states as well. You can read more about the study by going here.

It will be interesting to see if the Apple iPad repeats as the top gift in Massachusetts for 2022. Hopefully, a new study will come out this year so we can share it with you. Is an Apple Ipad on your wishlist this year?

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