Sometimes when I'm driving throughout the Berkshires whether it's Pittsfield Road (Route 20) or Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington or Route 8 in Cheshire, I'll have an ambulance or an emergency approach me from behind, and immediately, I'll pull over to the side of the road so they can attend to the situation at hand. There have been times in the Berkshires where I have seen ambulance vehicles approach other motorists and those motorists don't pull over.

Why Wouldn't Some Motorists Pull Over for  Emergency Personnel?

There could be a few reasons. Pure ignorance aside, one reason could be that it isn't safe to do so. You should pull over for an emergency vehicle only if the situation is safe and you don't break traffic laws. This makes sense because if you aren't obeying traffic laws, you could be putting others including other motorists, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles at risk.

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Have You Heard of Massachusetts' 'Move Over' Law? What is it?

Another situation that you'll find yourself in from time to time is having to move over for emergency personnel. According to, the "move over" law requires drivers approaching a stationary emergency or maintenance vehicle with flashing lights to move to the next adjacent lane and slow down, if it is safe to do so. The reason behind this law is to make it safer for all personnel involved in an emergency situation, to do their jobs.

What Happens If I Don't Comply With Massachusetts' 'Move Over' Law?

Well, you won't be hauled off to the big house but your day could be ruined by getting nailed with a fine up to $100. Be safe, pull over and avoid a fine.

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