Summer in Massachusetts is always fun, especially in Berkshire County. There are so many activities to partake in and one of my favorites over the years has been swimming. As I have mentioned in the past, I particularly love swimming in the fresh waterfall areas like Pecks Falls in Adams or Bellevue Falls which is also in Adams. Those are probably my two favorite waterfalls as I spent a lot of time at each location when I was a kid.

One thing my dad and I used to do when I was a younger was we would mow our huge lawn together on a hot summer day at my childhood home in North Adams The reward for us mowing on a hot day was as soon as we were finished we would jump in the car and drive over to one of the aforementioned waterfalls and take a dip. Sometimes my dad would bring a bar of soap and shampoo and we would lather up. We would keep our swim shorts on of course. Some people may raise an eyebrow at this but as a kid, it was really fun and a fond memory. Nature's bathtub is you will.

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One thing we tended to do after swimming on these hot days is we would just hop in the car, keep our swim shorts on, lay our towels on the seats, and just drive home as we were. Often times we would do this without shirts on which had me thinking if this was legal or not.

So, is it Illegal to Drive Topless in Massachusetts?

According to various internet sources, there is no specific law (for either gender) stating that you can't drive topless not just in Massachusetts but throughout the United States. The question is more a matter of if the act passes as indecent exposure. It's a little murky and really up to each individual town or city as to whether topless driving is acceptable or not, legally speaking. To be safe, women could do a workaround by wearing a sports bra or bathing suit top and guys are fine without a shirt.

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