Folks throughout Massachusetts must be getting tired of sickness and viruses. I know I am. I mentioned in a previous post how my wife, daughter, and I were all under the weather for about 10 days. Luckily our sickness turned out to be negative for COVID-19. There are actually some other viruses that are going around Massachusetts that seem like they could be COVID but are not. You can read more about that by going here.

There's Still a Pesky Virus That is Holding on in Massachusetts

Another virus that is still popping up and spreading slowly in Massachusetts is West Nile Virus. Sure, we are now into the fall months which means colder temperatures are here but the mosquitos carrying the virus are still roaming around the state as a man in his 60s recently picked up the virus. You can read more about this case by going here.

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What Should Massachusetts Residents Do to Protect Themselves from Getting West Nile Virus?

Even though the article mentioned that the man most likely picked up the virus in Middlesex County which is a hotbed for West Nile Virus, folks throughout Massachusetts still want to take things seriously and protect themselves. Until we get a hard frost, you'll want to continue to avoid attracting mosquitos by covering up your arms and legs when you're outdoors. Even if you are just in your backyard mowing the lawn etc. you still want to cover up. Make sure you are using repellent with DEET. It shouldn't be too much longer dealing with pesky mosquitos but until then protect yourself. You'll be thankful for it in the long run.

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