We recently published an article discussing how Massachusetts families are still facing food insecurity issues and how the number continues to rise. You can view that article by going here. Another major issue that Massachusetts families specifically children are facing is not having enough warm clothing for the winter.

We recently spoke with Pat Salvi from Sheffield Kiwanis and she mentioned how the club is in its 15th year of partnering with the Warm the Children program. Pat mentioned how there are about 30 other Warm the Children programs in the country (find one near you by going here). Kiwanis helps southern Berkshire children in need. Kiwanis provides new winter clothing for children that get referred to Sheffield Kiwanis by the local schools and organizations like Head Start and WIC.

The Need for Warm Clothing in southern Berkshire County and Beyond Continues to Rise

Pat mentioned in the interview that the need for winter clothing sadly rises every single year. As a matter of fact, last winter Sheffield Kiwanis had close to 300 children that the club provided clothing for. Sheffield Kiwanis provides up to $80 worth of clothing for those children which actually goes a long way.

How Does the Clothing Get Purchased? What is the Process? 

Pat stated that Kiwanis' program is with target.com. The families get a form to fill out where they can go online and shop for their kids and put the items into their cart. The families will email the shopping list to the Kiwanis volunteers involved in the program. The volunteers review the lists to make sure everything on the list is winter clothing related (summer clothing, toys, video games, etc are not part of the program). Kiwanis will then pay for the items. The orders will then get shipped directly to the eligible families' homes.

How Can I Support the Program and Make Sure Local Massachusetts Children Will be Warm This Winter

Sheffield Kiwanis is now in the process of collecting donations so they can have the money to purchase clothing for those children in need in the weeks to come. You can help right now by making a donation in a variety of ways including the following:

  • Make a check payable to Sheffield Kiwanis with Warm the Children in the memo line and mailed to PO Box 683, Sheffield, MA 01257
  • Paypal or debit/credit card at Sheffield Kiwanis' website 
  • In memory of a loved one, in honor of a special person or event, or anonymously.
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By the way, every dollar raised for the Warm the Children program goes to purchasing new winter clothing for children.

If you have questions or want more information about the Warm the Children program, contact Pat Salvi at info@sheffieldkiwanis.org.

Are There Warm the Children Programs in Other Parts of Massachusetts? Where Can I Find One in My Area 

You can find a Warm the Children program in your area by going here.

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