The WSBS 'Morning Challenge' contest is back beginning this morning in its normal timeslot - 8:50am. Per usual, the contest will have a different theme each week...which can be anything from straight up trivia, This Day in History trivia, reverese song clips, celebrity birthdays, identifying movies-based off of audio clips, lyric challenge, sports trivia and more.

Each weekday, the first caller in to (413) 528-0860 with the correct answer is automatically in the running to receive a $25 gift card to the new 'Morning Challenge' sponsor...The Shop.

The Shop is located at 45 Main Street in South Egremont next to Salisbury Bank. If you’re hosting a small event, or attending a party and need a gift, then The Shop is the place for you.  Do you need event supplies and candles? The Shop has them. Masks, greeting cards, gifts, party stuff from Halloween to Holiday – it’s all at The Shop! Do you need wrapping paper, puzzles, Advent Calendars, paraphernalia packs and games? The Shop has them too! The Shop by Only In My Dreams Events is your one-stop shop!

Oskar & Mike, owners of The Shop are expert event planners and use their experience when picking items to offer that they would use themselves at events! They’re also the only shop with the Paraphernalia/Berkshire Packs which include themed Packs featuring locally made products from over 20 local producers from the Berkshires. The Shop is open from 11am to 6pm Thursday to Sunday.

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.

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