As you may recall, there is a traffic study going on around Main Street, Stockbridge, to determine what if anything could be done to make a long-troublesome intersection and the general area safer. The results can't come soon enough for me.

This morning I was driving west along the street approaching the left turn to continue on Rt. 7. That's the lane that's not supposed to stop, but proceed through cautiously. The car in front of me with the out of state plates did not realize that...and stopped. I did too, abruptly, but noticed a truck in my rear view bearing down. It had Mass plates so I figured the driver might also expect to keep moving. I leaned on my horn so "Out of State" would move, which it did. Fortunately the truck behind me also stopped in time. No harm, no foul. And no, there was no one in the crosswalks during the episode.

This was my second close call in just 2 1/2 years driving daily through that intersection. I know that many folks want to leave things as they are, but I hope that some positive change will come from the traffic study.

I mean this as more of a cautionary tale than a rant. Let's all be extra careful during this summer tourist season in the Berkshires. And a personal "thank you" to that truck driver for being alert.



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