Bradley Cooper is no stranger to Berkshire County. The Academy Award-winning actor and director has spent previous summers with the Williamstown Theatre Festival and he now returns to the area to film a new movie. A new movie that you could be part of.

Project Casting, an online platform that offers casting calls to actors, influencers, and entertainers, is looking for folks who want to appear as an extra in Bradley Cooper's latest project.

The movie entitled Maestro, which starts shooting in May will film scenes over several days at the world-renowned Tanglewood music grounds in Lenox, Massachusetts. A landmark of The Berkshires, the stunning landscape and summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra will host the film crew from May 21 through May 26.

Project Casting's website lists the following description in their search for "background extras": *There is a fee to use this casting website. We looked to find a free casting service available for this project with no such luck.*

"Scenes are set in the 1940s & 1980s.
Casting Tanglewood, Lenox, and Berkshire locals to appear as background performers in the film, MAESTRO starting & directed by Bradly Cooper. 

For 1940s scenes, men must be comfortable receiving a period haircut and have natural colored hair. No buzz cuts, crew cuts, shaved heads, etc. Women must have natural colored hair and preferably above shoulder length.

For 1980s scenes, we are looking for men with longer/shaggy hair and women with natural colored hair, all lengths. Paid."

Maestro is about the life of famed conductor, composer, musician, and teacher Leonard Bernstein, whose career began and ended at Tanglewood.


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