Without question, Massachusetts is home to some strange legends and attractions. So far we've covered the creature that stalks Coca-Cola Ledge in North Adams. Included in that article is some history on Houghton Mansion and the Hoosac Tunnel. We've also taken a tour of the Barbie Garden in Mattapoisett. Now we have stumbled upon another strange, chilling, intense (call it what you want) attraction.

If you ever go hiking in the woods there's no telling what you'll come across. Most of the time you'll find the everyday artifacts that make up the beauty of nature including leaves, trees, birds, water. You know, objects you would expect to find when taking a hike. However, if you take a trip to Boston, you may want to consider making a stop at the town of Lynnfield in Essex County, just outside of Boston. You'll come across this piece of art. So, what is it?

If you head to 325 Broadway, you'll find a car/Jeep dealership. In the back of the dealership, there are 6-8 parking spots for Lynn Preservation. If you decide to take a straight walk which is about 8-10 minutes, you'll experience a number of trails and then come across a 30-foot mining quarry. The quarry contains a huge wall of multi-colored bones and skulls which is known as 'Skull Cliff,' 'Skull Rock' and/or the 'Wall of Bones.'

As you will see in the video below, one question that the narrator brings up a few times is how on earth was the artist even able to create this? It seems impossible but he accomplished it (wish there was video of the creation process) The artist's name is 'Ichabod' and he wrote on one side of the wall a quote that reads 'Take the knowledge that you will someday be these bones, and enjoy now all that is precious.'

Ben Laurence put together a fine video tour of the 'Wall of Bones.' Take the tour of this interesting Massachusetts attraction below:

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