Mega pop star Justin Bieber is now branching out into the marijuana industry. Bieber confirmed on Monday that he is collaborating with others to bring a new product to the cannabis market.

WHDH/News 7 Boston reports that Justin Bieber collaborated with New England-based marijuana company Neta to launch a new product that is named after his latest hit song. "Peaches" is a limited-edition weed product that will come in a pre-rolled joint pack.

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And, true to its name, the weed used in the product contains compounds of fruit and citrus. Scientists are studying the effects of cannabis on mental health and Bieber has always been candid about his mental health journey. Bieber has said numerous times that many people find weed helpful for their own mental health.

The Peaches line will be sold, at least for now, in four states: Massachusetts, California, Nevada, and Florida. Depending on the market, the cost will be $50 to $60 per pack. And all Peaches packs, except in Florida, will include a custom Peaches lighter.

The limited-edition Peaches line is expected to be a big seller. According to last year's HQ Cannabis Brand Affinity Report, Justin Bieber's target demographic makes up about 40% of the cannabis market.

Better still, part of the proceeds from the sales of the pre-rolled joints will support the organization Veterans Walk and Talk, which is a veterans group that advocates the medicinal use of marijuana to help deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mental health, and anxiety.

Proceeds will also go to support the Eaze Momentum Accelerator and to the Last Prisoner Project which is a non-profit organization that aims to free people who are serving time due to marijuana possession.

For more on the story, please visit WHDH's website here.

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