The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires hosts Gwendolyn VanSant of BRIDGE for a 2-hour webinar entitled 'Navigating Bias in the Workplace.' The webinar takes place via Zoom on Tuesday, Oct. 6 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The fee is $60 per person. VanSant says, “Understanding that biases are active in all human interactions is essential. In this workshop, we will explore assessing organizational and sector bias as well as implicit bias we carry as individuals in a workplace. We’ll examine bias in hiring and also in assigning work and leadership roles.”

BRIDGE’s focus is on supporting nonprofit managers and leaders in navigating biases. A personal bias or simply a preference can disrupt work or set back shared goals and vision. Having a culture that is prepared to examine bias in all interactions and planning is essential.

Founded in 2007, BRIDGE (Multicultural BRIDGE) is a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing equity and justice by promoting cultural competence, positive psychology, and mutual understanding and acceptance. The organization acts as a catalyst for change through collaboration, education, training, dialogue, fellowship and advocacy.

To register, visit or call (413) 645-3151. Scholarships are available for nonprofits with budget challenges, courtesy of Lee Bank. Email for more information.

About the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires

Berkshire County has one of the highest numbers of nonprofits per capita in the Commonwealth. Nearly 1000 nonprofits compete for funding and other resources in a geographically and demographically tri-furcated county with no regional government. Communication is difficult and staying on top of this vibrant and active sector is a real challenge. However, the nonprofit sector is one of the county’s largest economic engines, providing one in four jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The sector needs an umbrella organization to facilitate collaboration, communication, and the sharing of resources.

The NPC strives to make life easier for nonprofits. Historically resource-poor, with limited staff and funding, nonprofits that can find ways to do things faster and better through collaboration, education, connections and communication, will be able to better carry out their missions. The NPC serves as a clearinghouse for information and resources, providing a one-stop solution to daily challenges nonprofits face. By providing affordable opportunities for nonprofits to connect, learn and grow, The NPC works to improve the overall organization and efficiency of the nonprofit sector.

You can get more information about the NPC by going here.

Photo: Gwendolyn Hampton VanSant

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