I know I know...it's a strange question. But hang on. Not surprisingly, sentimentality around the holidays inspires plenty of couples to perform the act of making love. However, what is surprising, is the actual holidays that provide the "inspiration".

Just for fun, the team at Betway Insider, the online betting experts, looked into how many babies were born 9 months after certain holidays in every state between 2021 and 2022.

And what they found for Massachusetts was pretty surprising. According to Betway Insider, the most popular holiday for "getting it on" in the Commonwealth with just short of 6,300 babies being born 9 months later is...are you ready for this? Halloween!

That's right! America's spookiest day of the year is the most romantic for Massachusetts couples. Who knows why? Maybe it's because couples are snuggling closer together to make them feel safer on such a scary day. I'm just speculating...

Yep, July is the biggest birth month (in Massachusetts anyway), and that's nine months after October. Another surprise was the second most popular holiday in Massachusetts that brings about the act of lovemaking. Thanksgiving!

My goodness! After all that food, it's all I can do to keep from dozing off! I can barely get out of my chair for crying out loud. Betway Insider reports that the second biggest birth month is August, just nine months after November, with 6,283.

Finally, the third most popular holiday for getting romantic in Massachusetts is Christmas, which is not so surprising. The third biggest birth month for the Bay State is September with 6.253.

What I also found surprising was that the holiday you would expect to be higher on the list, Valentine's Day, was at #5 right after July 4th! Who would have thought that? Let me just say it's a good thing I'm not a betting man, LOL!

It's a pretty interesting study. Check it out for yourself at Betway Insider's website here.

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