Heads up Berkshire County! We are home stretching it. What do I mean by that? In case you haven't heard, the Great Radio Online Auction has been live and active since Saturday, March 25th, and will be wrapping up soon, Saturday, April 1 at 7 pm to be exact. If you have not yet participated in our online auction do it right now by going here.

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I wanted to pass along that there is a new item that was added late in the game but is definitely a fun one and would be a great gift for mom this Mother's Day. The item is a $200 gift certificate to Domaney's Liquors and Fine Wines located at 66 Main Street in Great Barrington. The great thing about this certificate is it is a Buy It Now item so you can scoop it up right now for $125.00 by going here. Remember, nothing ever goes for full retail value in our online auction.

There's still time for you to buy items right now in our auction including an array of certificates for food, services, and entertainment plus you can bid on some of the bigger ticket items including:

Don't get shut out, check out All of the items by connecting to the auction page here. You can learn more about how the auction works by going here. Remember, the auction closes at 7 pm, on Saturday, April 1.

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