As mentioned in the past, the rise in food prices is making it difficult for some Berkshire County residents to make ends meet. When you combine this issue with fuel/heating costs, rent, mortgage payments, etc. this winter could be a very trying one for many folks throughout Berkshire County.

A Berkshire County Food Pantry Has a Fundraiser Taking Place and They Could Use Your Support

Speaking of food, as you have been reading and hearing in the media lately, for the first time in 23 years, the People's Pantry of Great Barrington has reached out to the public for support via their "Fill the Bag" fundraiser. With the increase of food insecurities throughout the southern Berkshires, the People's Pantry is in need of assistance to keep food on its shelves and cover its operating costs. Their goal by the end of this year is to raise $300,000.

Please Participate in the People's Pantry's Radiothon on WSBS This Monday

To help boost donations, WSBS has partnered with the People's Pantry and we are going to have a radiothon this Monday morning (11/14) from 7 am - 10 am on 860AM and 94.1FM. In addition to members of the People's Pantry, State Representative Smitty Pignatelli will be on the air with us to help support the cause and spread awareness. If you have the ability to make a donation during the radiothon at (413) 528-0860 it would be much appreciated. Of course, you can make a donation to the People's Pantry of Great Barrington anytime by going here.

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Let's help the People's Pantry of Great Barrington reach its goal of $300,000. Nobody in the Berkshires and beyond should have to worry about food insecurities this winter. By supporting the People's Pantry we are in turn helping those in need here in our local community.

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