July 6 is when the Phase 3 Reopening is planned to take place. At least that's the current plan. It all depends on how the number of coronavirus cases are doing in the state of Massachusetts.

Phase 3 businesses and organizations include:

· Fitness centers and health clubs (including yoga studios and pools)

· Movie theaters

· Museums

· Performing arts venues

· Overnight camps

· Indoor and outdoor sports programs

· Indoor historic sites

To see business types with reopening phase, click here.

As mentioned above, the continued reopening depends on coronavirus numbers staying under control.

To help the reopening go smoothly, and to avoid delays, it is important that we all do our part by wearing masks when distancing is not possible, washing and sanitizing our hands, and maintaining social distancing!

In addition, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has updated the travel guidelines which you can view by going here.

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