As you know, fire hydrants play an important role in putting out blazes and it is suggested you don't park in front of one or else a traffic ticket will be dispensed and you would have to lighten your wallet in the long run. Starting Monday, The city of Pittsfield has announced their annual water flushing will take place through fire hydrants as this procedure will remove accumulations of pipeline corrosion products. This could affect traffic in the vicinity as mains will be flushed weekdays from 7:30 am to 3 pm.

A fire hydrant, duh.
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Commissioner Ricardo Morales advises residents these areas will be affected for the first week of this all-important maintenance:

Dalton Avenue, west through Coltsville including The Meadow View Neighborhood, Crane Avenue and the northern portion of Cheshire Road.

Hubbard Avenue and Downing Parkway

The East Street town line then west towards the McIntosh and Parkside neighborhoods

Elm Street west to the East Street intersection

The Williams Street town line then west to Mountain and Ann Drives, East New Lenox and Holmes Road

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More announcements will be made in the upcoming weeks and we will keep you posted on these developments via our web site and on the FREE app. A reminder, this mandatory procedure will take about four weeks to complete as residents will also experience localized discolored water, however, appropriate measures will be enforced where treatment and disinfections also ensure that tap water in the city limits will be safe to drink. If you experience any discoloration of water, let it clear for a short period of time. If the problem persists, call The Water Department at (413) 499-9339.

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of a press release from The City of Pittsfield's Mayor's Office)

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